Flare Monitoring


TFM1 is an innovative system that, combined with TVTherm software, provides continuous and automatic monitoring of industrial areas within environments with hazardous risks.
It's a hardware and software solution, based on infrared thermography and real-time computer image processing.
TFM1 is a high sensitivity uncooled thermal camera that delivers quality thermal images, and TVTherm is a very advanced software with innovative algorithms that provides intelligent solutions.

Main features:

Flare Monitoring: algorithm to monitor the flare for best performance of the process. Easy to configure and fine tune. Detects shut-off, oversized flare and burning rain. Detection areas can be adjusted upon the flare size, camera position and distance.

Main TVTherm functionalities:

24/7 Monitoring: automatically alerts of any event

Logs: all events are recorded together with event videos

Reporting: event alarms are sent to the Control Center. Several Security and Industrial protocols are supported