Stainless Steel thermal PTZ camera housing

EXPTZIR is an ATEX/IECEx certified Thermal PTZ camera housing, entirely made in electro-polished AISI316L stainless-steel, specifically designed for Hazardous Area applications. It can be equipped with germanium or sapphire window and a non-removable protective front grid, as well as an innovative patented gridless version, to allow an improved visibility of the camera as well as provide superior accuracy of the data collected.


  • ATEX/IECEX certification
  • Electro-polished Stainless Steel AISI316
  • Germanium or Sapphire window
  • Certified gridless housing
  • Available for customer specified thermal cameras
  • Fitted with sunshield, heater/demister
  • Variable speed
  • 360° continuous pan rotation
  • Optional built-in Fiber Media Converter
  • Optional built-in PSU