Stainless Steel PTZ Dual camera station

SAP250DUALTV2 Series is an PTZ dual camera station entirely made in electro-polished AISI316L stainless-steel, specifically designed for corrosive and harsh environments. It is equipped with the latest generation IP day/night camera, sunshield, heater/demister and wiper and suitable for third party IP thermal cameras (thermal camera not supplied).


  • AISI316L Stainless Steel PTZ Dual Visible + Thermal
  • 3MP camera, 30fps, 33x Autofocus Optical Zoom
  • Suitable for third party Thermal IP cameras
  • Weatherproof standard IP66/IP67
  • Operating temperature -40°C +60°C (+75°C PEAK)
  • Supports 802.1X and SNMP (V1-3)
  • SD Edge Storage