Extra-large Stainless Steel camera housing


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The 254 series is an EXTRA-LARGE camera housings made of AISI316L stainless steel, designed to protect CCTV large optics in industrial, marine and highly corrosive environments. With its outer body, a 254mm (10-inch) diameter and 600mm or 700mm long stainless steel tube, this housing is the largest AISI316L stainless steel camera housing available in the market. The camera bracket is conceived to reduce vibrations and to keep the housing still in windy places or with high vibrations.
The housing has been developed to fill a gap in the market of CCTV whereas big zoom lenses (such as Raymax "cats 2000", Myutron PH33X16HS-RGE, Fujinon C22 and D60 series, Pentax H20ZAME and H55ZAME series, Kowa LMZ1000AM, Tokina TM55Z1038 series) couldn't fit any of the existing stainless steel housings and to provide at the same time a high quality product. A version of the housing with integrated wiper system is available as well as an extensive range of washer tanks with integrated pump and a variety of mounting brackets and accessories.
254 Series is a camera housing suitable for third party IP visible or thermal cameras.


  • Extra-large camera housing
  • Suitable for big cameras/lenses
  • AISI316L stainless steel construction
  • For use in highly corrosive environments
  • Integrated wiper available
  • Weatherproof standard IP66/IP67
  • Suitable for analog and IP cameras
  • Visible Day/Night and Thermal versions available


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