Our core values and beliefs

We believe that our actions shape our lives, for this reason every day we endeavour to make the right choices in the attempt to shape positively the future of our Company and the people who work with us. We have strong values and principles lay the grounds of Tecnovideo corporate culture. These values are reflected in our ideas that inspire us guide us and guide us through the decisions we make that over time.

Our values play a crucial role in establishing our working conditions. We believe in teamwork, whereby people can share their ideas freely both in-house and whilst working with partners. We support diversity, transparency, and honesty. Each day cohesive groups strive for excellence, pursuing innovation by means of simplification, with commitment, sincerity, and respect.

Tecnovideo values and principles are:


We deliver quality, with consistency striving to become trustworthy by meeting clients' expectations.


We believe in honest and open communication, whereby people are empowered to share their thoughts freely without fear or repercussion.


We have set ambitious goals and we believe in progressive improvement in multiple fields along the value stream. We believe in organising our resources to become more agile whilst attempting to reduce waste and time loss.


We work resolutely to analyse problems, propose solutions, and implement tasks, making the most of every opportunity.


We pursue incremental innovation. The firm encourages the research of new solutions, welcoming new ideas and methods to increase efficiency and deliver innovation.


We involve and motivate our colleagues and employees, enhancing their ideas, skills and competencies with the aim of constant improvement in terms of performance and results.


We support and defend the dignity of people and their work, regardless of their gender, race or origins, and strive to draw added value from diversity.


We demonstrate moral integrity, professional honesty and fairness in interpersonal relationships, courageously supporting ideas and opinions.