June 2021


Tecnovideo is committed to reduce the company's environmental impact and ensuring social and ethical responsibility long-term.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW" [Confucio]

A new forest is growing and it is named TECNOTREES!

With Treedom we have created Tecnovideo forest. This initiative is part of the "Steel Body, Green Heart" project, a tangible sign of our commitment towards the planet and its safeguard. By creating a forest, we want to contribute and support the creation of a sustainable ecosystem. Our trees will absorb CO2, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity and counteract soil erosion. Furthermore we will be supporting farmers who will be taking care of these trees all around the world.

We have selected seven diverse species of trees which alone are going to absorb from the atmosphere the equivalent of the CO2 necessary to inflate 22,308 Basket balls.

Come to discover our "TECNOTREES" forest and monitor with us the growth of our trees.

By clicking on "Personal ID" you will find out more about the species of trees that we have selected and where they are geolocated.

With Treedom a tree is much more than a simple tree!

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