November 2020

Tecnovideo is committed to reduce the company's environmental impact and ensuring social and ethical responsibility long-term.

The company is focused in mitigating its effects on climate change and protecting natural resources and the ecosystems. We have analysed and thought through the flow of our operations through the entire supply chain and production processes to ensure a long lasting change is implemented.

We have implemented a number of initiatives and continuously assessing results against objectives achieved.

The materials we use and waste we produce in our product development have been analysed and minimized. We have invested in sustainable packaging materials, and currently 80% of the packaging we use to ship our products worldwide is made of recycled materials. Since the beginning of 2019 all our products are PVC and Halogen free.

We will endeavour to continue to work towards the reduction of the use of plastic and the consequent environmental impact our operations have. Furthermore we are working towards going paperless by 2022. We are aiming to lead by example, becoming increasingly environmentally friendly each year.

All our products, practices and processes contribute to the implementation of a safer, smarter world. Our goal is to promote sustainable ways of working in the entire value chain benefiting suppliers, partners, as well as customers and stakeholders.

Tecnovideo strategies and operations are in compliance with the universal principles safeguarding human rights, labor, respecting the environment and supporting fair trade and policies against anti-corruption.