CCTV fixed camera station

SAF129TB Series is an electro-polished stainless steel (AISI316L) fixed camera station, specifically designed for industrial, marine and highly corrosive environments.
This camera station can integrate BOSCH DINION IP starlight cameras paired with Bosch varifocal lenses. It features sunshield, heater and two standard cable entries M20x1,5.
SAF129TB Series is designed for full compatibility with BVMS, Bosch's video management software, therefore supporting video analytics and all the advanced features packed into DINION IP starlight cameras. Fiber optic media converter (optional) can be requested to be integrated into the housing.
The enclosure is engineered to ensure best protection from external agents as well as promoting easy installation and maintenance services. Highest quality materials and production process, together with a modern design at a competitive price, make these camera stations the best solution for the most severe environments.
The sunshield protects the housing from heat and dirt, while the integrated heater demists the front window, if required. A version with integrated wiper is also available.
Additional accessories offered include armoured composite cable tails, washer systems as well as AISI316L stainless steel mounting brackets.


  • Electro-polished Stainless Steel (AISI316L)
  • Bosch DINION IP Starlight HD camera series with built-in video analytics:
    6000: NBN-63023-B
    7000: NBN-73023-BA
    8000: NBN-80052-BA
  • Bosch varifocal lenses:
    A model: LVF-5003N-S3813
    B model: LVF-5005C-S0940
    C model: LVF-5005C-S1803
    D model: LVF-5005C-S4109
    E model: LVF-5005N-S1250
    Please refer to the compatibility chart available in our technical datasheet.
  • Weatherproof standard IP66/IP67
  • Fitted as standard with sunshield and heater/demister
  • Integrated wiper version available
  • 2x M20x 1,5 cable entries
  • Operating temperature: -20°C + 60°C (-4° + 140°F)
  • Compatible with BVMS
  • Optional Fiber Optic media converter