CCTV fixed camera housing

The 129 series comprises AISI316L stainless steel camera housings designed to protect CCTV cameras in industrial, marine and highly corrosive environments.
These housings are engineered to ensure the best protection from external agents and to allow an easy installation and maintenance.
Highest quality materials and production process, together with a modern design and a competitive price, make these housings the best solution to protect cameras installed in the most severe environments.


  • AISI316L stainless steel construction
  • IP66/IP67 Weatherproof standard
  • Two different lengths available (360, 460mm)
  • Available thermostatically controlled heater (24V AC/DC, 240 V AC versions)
  • IR germanium window for thermal imaging cameras available
  • Front window air barrier available
  • Integrated wash wiper version available