129AC Air Cooled camera housing Series is ideal for industrial applications whereby temperature can reach up to 100°C.

The enclosure is entirely made in electropolished stainless steel AISI316L, suitable for harsh industrial indoor installations, whereby standard aluminium/plastic camera housings would rapidly damage due to the heat and corrosive agents and particles.

The front flange is conceived to create an air barrier that cools and protects the front glass from the formation of dust and deposits, especially useful for foundries, ovens and any other dusty application.
To avoid oil and dust particles and to grant clean air for the barrier, a filtering group (ABFL-01) is available as optional.

These housings are engineered to ensure the best protection from external agents and to allow an easy installation and maintenance.

The 129AC model is equipped with:
- a Vortex cooling tube to blow cold air inside the enclosure
- three exhausting check valves
- an air jet nozzle to cool down the front window and keep clean the glass from dirt and dust.


  • AISI316L stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable Vortex cooling tube
  • Optional IR germanium window for thermal imaging cameras (129ACIR70)


Code Maximum internal dimensions (mm) Front usable window Front Window
129AC 80x80x325mm Ø=70mm Borosilicate front window, thickness 5 mm.
Vortex tube, exhausting valves and front window air jet.
129ACIR70 80x80x325mm Ø=70mm Germanium front window, thickness 3mm, AR/DLC coating for 7,5-14 µm IR range.
Vortex tube, exhausting valves and front window air jet.