TIIMNET Project - Thermal Infrared Imagery Monitoring Network

TIMNet project has designed and implemented a surveillance system, for the continuous monitoring of the shallow thermal structure of active volcanoes.
The system consists of two remote permanent monitoring stations located on the top of the Vesuvius crater and in the Solfatara crater (Naples-Italy). On each station it was installed a thermal image camera (NEC Thermo Tracer TS7302) with remote control of the calibration and shooting functionalities.
The 204IR camera housing with automatic shutter systems allow the initial setting of the thermal camera as well as to protect the germanium window from dirt and dust. A cleaning operation once a year is sufficient.

To see photos and learn more about this interesting project, please follow the link http://ipf.ov.ingv.it/tiimnet/tiimnet.htm. The NEC TS7302 can be viewed at: http://www.infrared.avio.co.jp.