March 2021

Tecnovideo is thrilled to announce that it has just been listed in Lukoil Middle East as approved supplier for the following product groups:

1- Telecom equipment and system (CCTV), code: 1.14.20
2- Audio & Video Equipment and accessories, code: 1.14.21

LUKOIL is one of the largest oil & gas vertical integrated companies in the world, accounting for over 2% of crude production and it owns circa 1% of proven hydrocarbon reserves globally.

The Group is dedicated to the implementation of oil and gas exploration and production projects in the Middle East and Central Asia, West Africa, Europe and Central America.

Tecnovideo is proud of being approved vendor of Lukoil Mid-East Limited, a subsidiary company of PJSC LUKOIL, that manages hydrocarbon exploration and production on the West Qurna-2 field in Southern Iraq. By now West Qurna-2 has added the largest incremental production growth of 400,000 barrels per day, in Iraq among all fields, that were put onstream since 2009. The Group's main goal is the implementation of large-scale oil and gas production project by applying innovation technologies and advanced equipment.

Tecnovideo will be supplying CCTV field equipment, fully compliant, to enable Video Surveillance Engineers to guarantee the safeguard of people, infrastructures and operations, ensuring safety, equipment and accessories, all made in Italy and fully compliant with the legislations in force. All our videosurveillance equipment enables Engineers to remotely, but closely monitor operations, safeguarding people, infrastructures and operations, ensuring safety at all times. The objectives of Lukoil Group are the expansion of the resource base; preserving favourable environment; rational use of natural resources; increasing economic stability and development of social infrastructure in the areas of the Company's operations.

Since 1999 Tecnovideo manufactures innovative 100% Made in Italy stainless steel CCTV systems, security cameras and accessories designed to resist in the most severe, hazardous (onshore & offshore), and corrosive environments. All our products are engineered, designed, fully assembled and quality controlled in our headquarters based in Italy. An ongoing quality assurance and implementation process has been implemented in order to continuously improve the quality of our surveillance cameras that we install each year in hundreds of projects supplied worldwide. Tecnovideo Explosion proof and weatherproof CCTV systems enable Security Engineers to monitor, prevent and quickly respond to security instances that may endanger sites and put staff and systems at risk. Our enclosures and PTZ can integrate the latest technology camera and optics. Camera stations are equipped with videoanalytics, can assure cybersecurity, and are able to detect, store and transmit intelligent data to drive operational efficiency. Tecnovideo is renowned for offering technologically advanced, high quality, long lasting solutions at competitive prices. We guarantee quality, reliability, and durability for the most demanding Oil & Gas upstream, midstream and downstream applications.