June 2021

CCTV field equipment falls under the category of electrical & electronic products that are subject to mandatory INMETRO certification required by the Brazilian Government, that has imposed such regulations to guarantee that safety standards are met. This is an essential requirement for explosion proof CCTV manufacturers to have their products tested and certified by an approved certification body, to be imported and installed in Brazil.

TECNOVIDEO explosion proof video surveillance systems, housings and accessories are now INMETRO certified. We offer robust surveillance equipment that can guarantee operators' safety, maximise processeses and assure critical assets' security as they are made of high quality and robust stainless steel (AISI316L), specifically designed to ensure protection against critical faults, and can prevents explosions.

In fact, they have been engineered to be installed in extreme, harsh environments such as hazardous areas characterized by explosive atmosphere, typical of the oil & gas industry. Our explosion proof product range is now INMETRO certified, therefore it is suitable for installation in Hazardous areas in the whole Brazilian territory, whereby accreditation is needed. This is not only to comply with local rules and regulations, but also to meet the stringent requirements of security engineers working for Oil & Gas Organizations. Discover our INMETRO certified camera stations and accessories.

Over the years TECNOVIDEO has become the entrusted One stop shop for certified video surveillance cameras and collaterals that can safeguard site workers, maximise operations and guarantee critical assets' security. Our team is made of a dedicated team of experienced professionals that will guide you by means of customized solutions that assure productivity and safety with the highest quality, reliability, and durability, for the most challenging applications. Shouldn't you find the right product that meets the project specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us. A dedicated team member will guide you through the selection of the right solutions that will cater for your project specifications and application requirements.

We are known for our innovative, trouble-free and fully supported solutions for our fast responses, and short lead times even in case of customization, and our customer-centric culture. Feel free to contact us by email on