Tecnovideo offers a range of armoured composite cable tails, entirely made in Italy, available with Single and Multi mode fiber optic. They have been engineered for application in hostile, highly corrosive environments, as well as potentially explosive atmospheres.
Cable tails are oil and mud resistant, fire retardant and UV resistant and are equipped with flameproof, nickel plated brass glands IP67 on both ends, suitable for EX129 and EXPTZ series, IP and Analogue cameras. Their operating temperature is -20°C +60°C (-4° + 140°C F).
Cable tails are available in the following lengths: 5, 10, 15, 20 and 50 metres. These can also be sold by the metre.
In order to ease the installation process and reduce the time needed, we strongly recommend purchasing our fixed and PTZ camera stations with pre-assembled armoured composite cable tails.

EXACCTF series conductors features:

  1. Power conductors
    3 conductor, nominal section 1.5mm2 (brown, blue, yellow/green)
  2. Ethernet
    4x 2x 0.25, CAT5e SFTP (grey)
  3. Shielded data pair
    2 conductor, SSTP, cross sectional area, 2x 0.22 (white, black with black/grey sheath)
  4. SM fiber optic
    4x fiber optic single mode 9 – 125 (yellow)
  5. MM fiber optic
    4x fiber optic multi-mode OM1 62,5 - 125 (orange)