Bosch VIP Partners event, Eindhoven

March 2019

Tecnovideo was invited to exhibit his innovative Explosion proof camera stations with integrated Bosch DINION cameras to 200 Bosch TOP Sales customers in the business fields of Security, Fire and Communications.

The event took place at Bosch Security Systems headquarters in Eindhoven, The Netherlands last 11-13 March 2019. The event alternated plenary sessions with product workshops and demonstrations, technology seminars, panel discussions and vertical presentations. It was an extremely informative, beneficial and valuable event for both guests and partners.

Tecnovideo was introduced to all Strategic partners, illustrating the company's history, expertise and the qualified team that ensures the firm manufactures qualitative and durable products. On that occasion Tecnovideo presented its range of explosion-proof products with integrated Bosch DINION Starlight IP cameras, fully compatible with Bosch BVMS.

This innovative solution has a proven sales track record as it has already been selected for numerous Oil & Gas projects. In particular, the EXPTZTB camera station has already generated an exceptionally large number of enquiries.

The event officially introduced Tecnovideo to Bosch sales experts and led to significant networking opportunities with key international partners, generating exiting new business opportunities.
Tecnovideo would like to thank Bosch for this fantastic opportunity!