Established in 1999, Tecnovideo is specialised in the design, engineering and production of high quality Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) accessories and systems. The Tecnovideo product range concentrates upon CCTV camera housings and accessories for the most severe environments. This has turned Tecnovideo into a reliable and trustworthy specialist of Stainless Steel CCTV accessories for hostile and corrosive environments.


The range of Tecnovideo products includes:

  • Camera Housings (with and without washer/wiper systems and other accessories)
  • Pan and Tilt units
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Housings
  • Mounting brackets and accessories

All the items are exclusively made from highly corrosion resistant stainless steel.
This makes them the perfect choice for applications such as:

  • Marine CCTV
  • Monitoring of industrial processes
  • Food industry plant and machinery
  • Installations in extreme environments

and in general in any location where guaranteed reliability and high quality products are required.


Tecnovideo's strength is to design and manufacture custom products for complete integration into customers' systems. This gives the customer the maximum in performance and efficiency.
This can be done thanks to a flexible organisation and experienced and passionate staff.
In addition, Tecnovideo's production is supported by a network of specialists subcontractors and suppliers.


All Tecnovideo's products are designed and manufactured in Tecnovideo's premises situated in Villaverla-Vicenza (ITALY).