New Product Range Tecnovideo-Bosch

Tecnovideo has launched a brand new product range
with integrated Bosch DINION IP Starlight cameras

March 2019

During Intersec 2019, the world's leading trade fair for security that took place last January in Dubai, Tecnovideo was honoured to present the EXPTZTB Series, a brand-new range of Explosion proof PTZ camera stations with integrated Bosch camera.

EXPTZTB Series is an ATEX/IECEx certified family of products for Hazardous Area, integrating a DINION IP starlight camera coupled with a Kowa or VS Technology zoom lens.

This solution, unique in the market, ensures full compatibility with BVMS, Bosch's video management software, therefore supporting video analytics and all the advanced features packed into DINION IP starlight cameras. The range includes a variety of models, from the single-head PTZ to the dual versions, offering multiple combinations of IP Day/night cameras and Thermal cameras and/or IR Led illuminators. Direct fiber output is as an option available to all Tecnovideo models, thanks to the Fiber Optic media converter integrated into the PTZ base mount, which waives off the cost of an external 'Ex d' junction box.

Tecnovideo-Bosch integrated solutions include also fixed camera stations, equipped with Bosch DINION cameras and Bosch varifocal lenses. Additionally, Tecnovideo offers a wide range of accessories, including mounting brackets, pre-assembled cable tails and washer systems.

Discover our full product range

PTZ camera station with integrated Bosch DINION IP Starlight

Dual PTZ camera station with Bosch DINION IP Starlight and DINION IP Thermal 8000

Dual PTZ camera station with integrated Bosch DINION IP Starlight and IR LED Illuminator

Explosion-proof washer system

Fixed camera housing with wiper

Fixed Thermal camera station

Fixed Gridless Thermal camera station

Fixed Aluminium camera station