In outdoor locations, the presence of a corrosive atmosphere can cause rapid deterioration and a premature replacement of the cameras and lenses if not properly protected. In these areas, a stainless steel camera housing is needed.
A camera housing constructed entirely from AISI316L stainless steel, for use in industrial and marine environments and in general where corrosive agents can cause a rapid deterioration of a standard aluminium-steel housing.
Thanks to its competitive price, stainless steel camera housing can be used as well as a substitute for an aluminium housing, where high level quality and refined designed are requested.
The rugged Tecnovideo tubular housings are designed to allow an easy installation and maintenance. High internal useful area is available and access to camera and lens is available from working position. The greatest care was taken during the design to ensure the best protection from external agents such as precipitation (rain, snow, ice, condensing humidity), dirt and dust, industrial chemicals , acids, debris, salt spray and in general corrosive atmosphere, whether natural or artificial.

The result is an innovative high quality and reliability camera housing suitable for every surveillance applications. The housing can accomodate most camera/lens combinations. Fitted as standard are the sunshield and the bracket with swivel both constructed entirely from AISI316 stainless steel.
Tecnovideo's catalogue includes a wide range of stainless steel camera housings (from small to very large size), enclosures for IR thermal imaging cameras widely used in thermography and night vision application, liquid cooled camera housings for very hot environments, Pan & Tilt motors and a complete set of installation brackets.
Accessories available: stainless steel corner adaptor, stainless steel pole mount adaptor, thermostatically controlled heater (available voltages 24Vac-110Vac-230Vac, 10W).
All camera housings are IP67 Weatherproof standard.